Welcome to the International Organization of Mussar Vaadim

The International Association for Mussar Vaadim is an alliance of several dozen mussar vaadim in cities throughout the world.  All vaadim are composed of Orthodox Jews who accept the Divinity of the Jewish written and oral traditions and submit to the authority of halacha and its carriers in every generation.  IOMV encourages Torah study, observance of Jewish law, and the refinement of character as demanded by Jewish tradition.

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New Vaadim Opening
New Mussar Vaadim will be opening in several neighborhoods on the East and West Coasts of North America. These vaadim will be directed by close students of Rav Kelemen who will be working under Rav Kelemen's direction and supervision, and these vaadim will follow the exact same format as the current vaadim. If you are interested in setting up a vaad for a specific neighborhood, please contact Chana at Kelontour@gmail.com.

This website is mainly intended for members curently participating in a vaad. If you are not in a vaad but would like to join a vaad then you can go to the Apply page. In the bio section include which vaad you would like to join.
If you are in a vaad but do not have access to the website, please go to the Apply page, fill out the information and your vaad administrator will give you access.